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Permanent Free Trade Zone

A Permanent Free Trade Zone (PFTZ) or Multicompany FTZ, is an area within the national territory, managed by an operator user, in which multiple new companies can establish their projects, subject to a special tax and customs treatment.

For producing goods, rendering services or undertaking commercial activities within a Multi-Company FTZ, companies must meet the following investment and job creation requirements during the first 3 years of the operation, taking into account the total assets of the company:

Total Assets (USD)

Investmet Amoount (in Million USD)

Direct Employment

0 – 162.105



162.105 –
1,6 Million



1,6 Million –
9,7 Million



More than 9,7 



*Amounts defined in minimum legal monthly wages (for 2014, COP 616.000). Exchange rate 1USD = 1900.

To obtain information regarding the different regions and their available Multicompany FTZ, please click in the map.



Colombia´s Permanent Free Trade Zones Directory

For detailed information on the available Multicompany Free Trade Zones, please download Colombia´s Permanent Free Trade Zones Directory.

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