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Investment Map Cartagena - Bolívar - Colombia

Bolivar - Cartagena: Touristic and Industrial center

  • Average weather: 27°C
  • Population in Bolivar 2011: 2,002,531 inhabitants
  • Population in Cartagena 2011: 955,709 inhabitants
  • Bolivar GDP 2010: US$ 12,230 million
  • Bolivar GDP per capita 2010: US$ 6,176.70
  • Bolivar Surface Area: 25,978 km2
  • Cartagena Surface Area: 559 km2

In 1991, Cartagena was declared Touristic, Historical, and Cultural District by UNESCO. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Colombia, attracting thousands of national and international tourists all year round.

In addition to its unquestionable historical richness, “the Heroic City” (“La Heroica”) is in a privileged location that turns it into a strategic stronghold for worldwide commerce through the Caribbean Sea.

The city has consolidated itself as the top industrial city on the Caribbean - according to the Banco de la República’s Regional Center for Economic Studies. It houses the Mamonal Industrial Park, one of the most important industrial areas in Colombia prompting foreign trade and a competitive advantage for domestic products in international markets.

Fostered by the arrival of foreign companies in the commercial, manufacturing, and touristic sectors, Cartagena has been acknowledged as the main port for shipping containers and cruise ships, welcoming thousands of tourists travelling on recognized ships like the “Queen Elizabeth”, the “Horizon”, and the “Grandeur of the seas”.

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