Investment in Agribusiness

Investment in Agribusiness sector

Colombia olombia offers great opportunities for investment in the Agro-Industrial Sector due to its extensive unexploited territories as well as plentiful and accessible natural resources. Below you will find several reasons why businesses will find suitable investment opportunities in the Agro-Industrial Sector.

Colombia was the second country in the region with the highest Gross Domestic Product share (6.5%) in the agricultural sector Economist Intelligence Unit., 2012

  • Colombia is the third Latin American country with the greatest annual precipitation rates, and holds the tenth spot worldwide. FAO, 2011
  • Colombia is the fourth country in Latin America with available lands for agricultural production. FAO, 2011
  • Colombia’s tropical location provides various climates with altitudes above sea level, going from 0 ft. (> 75 F°) to 13,125 ft. (< 43 F°). Earthtrends, 2011
  • World-class agribusiness sectors: Bovine meat; chocolate and confectionery products and related raw materials; palm, oils and fats; and shrimp cultivation. Productive Transformation Program, 2011

These are some of the reasons to invest in agribusiness in Colombia. Here you can learn in detail about all of these opportunities and more reasons why to make Colombia the chosen destination for your agricultural projects.

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