Investment in Cocoa,
Chocolate, and Confectionary Goods

Cocoa, Chocolate, and Confectionary Goods Sector

Colombian cocoa is recognized as possessing a “Flavor and Aroma”; a distinction given to only 5% of cocoa beans worldwide.


Colombia has a potential 2 million hectares for cocoa crops, an area that would place the country among the world's top cocoa growers. Colombian geographical characteristics benefit cocoa plantations. Colombia has a strategic geographic position. As an equatorial tropical country, Colombia has sunlight throughout the year. In addition, Colombia boasts a variety of climates and abundant water resources. In addition, Colombia has the necessary genetic material (regional and universal varieties, always of fine or flavor cocoa) for each of its agro-ecological areas.

  • Colombian cocoa, in fact, was recognized at the second edition of the "Salon du Chocolat" international cocoa awards in Paris for its sweet flavor.
  • Colombia has a potential 2 million hectares for cocoa crops, an area that would place the country among the world's top cocoa growers. These lands do not require any soil treatment to grow cocoa crops. The other 1.3 million ha have moderate restrictions (A2)1 .
  • The chocolate and confectionery sectors are part of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism's Productive Transformation Program (PTP). The program strives to enhance industry competitiveness through public-private partnerships and industry-specific business plans.
  • Investments in new late harvest crops, including cocoa, are exempt from the income tax2 . This benefit applies to plantations established between January 1, 2003 and December 31, 2014, and it will be in effect for 10 years as from the beginning of production3.
  • Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela produce 70% of the world’s finest and flavor cocoa: Ecuador with 402.434 has, Colombia with 107.728 has, Peru with 97.658 has, and Venezuela with 59.757 has. (FAO,2015)


1A2 (Moderate restrictions): These lands may have moderate limitations on the sustainable production of cocoa that would result in reduced yield potential or would require supplies or management practices beyond those which are normally used (Corpoica-Minagricultura Agreement No. 034/2003).
2Law 939 of 2004, article 1º. In any case, companies are subject to the CREE (9% for 2013-2015 y 8% since 2016).
3Law 939 of 2004, article 2º.

These are just some of the reasons to invest in the Cocoa, Chocolate, and Confectionary Goods sector. We invite you to  investigate in detail these and more reasons to make Colombia the destination for your projects.

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Investment Opportunities


  • Production of raw materials needed for chocolate manufacturing: Primary transformation products such as cocoa butter and cocoa liquor.
  • Joint Venture with a local partner or Greenfield Project: Investment in industrial plants through technological development and innovation in processes and products.
  • Access to international markets with chocolate and confectionary products: Allowed in international markets.


There are many regions in the country with great potential for cocoa, such as:

These are just some of the reasons to invest in Colombia’s Cocoa, Chocolate, and Confectionary Goods Sector, we invite you to investigate in detail these and more reasons make Colombia the destination of choice for your projects.

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