Investment in BPO (Outsourcing of Services)

Investment in Outsourcing of Services BPO

In 2014 Gartner - the research and consulting firm- ratified Colombia for the third year in a row as one of the top 30 destinations in the world for offshore services mainly due to its attractive expense base, access to human capital, government support, cultural compatibility, political and economic stability.

These factors illustrate to foreign investors about the investment opportunities that are available in Colombia in regards to the BPO sector, offshore, nearshore, KPO and shared services in this growth market that has an abundant competitive workforce and a strategic location to provide regional and global services.

  • By 2012, according to the Colombian Association of Contact Centers and BPO (ACDCB) and ANDI, the operating revenues in the sector were U.S. $ 2,513 billion; this represented an increase of 78% over 2010. BPO exports grew 77% between 2010 and 2012.
  • In 2012, the main sectors include telecommunications (43.06%), banking and financial services (15.35%), government (5.12%) and insurance (4.88%), among others, according to the Colombian Association of Contact Center and BPO (ACDCB) and the National Association of Entrepreneurs in Colombia (ANDI).
  • According to official figures from the Ministry of Education, in the last 10 years, over 1.9 million professionals have graduated from a higher education degree in Colombia. 30.69% have business, economics and / or accounting experience, of which 48% have a university degree, 26% a postgraduate degree (specialization, master's or doctorate) and 26% have technical training.
  • Through the Productive Transformation Program, the Government has designed a plan to strengthen the industry by providing an emphasis on high value-added activities through human capital development, conducting business matchmaking forums and acquiring sectorial studies that can help in the development of strategies.
  • The National Learning Service (SENA) is the government institution in charge of technical training to every citizen; it provides free education in technical and skills related to the industry that is in demand where software and services are relevant areas of the training curriculum.

These are just some of the reasons to invest in business process outsourcing. We invite you to learn additional details about Colombia and why it is the perfect destination for your projects.

Download here:

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Investment Opportunities

  • Opportunities for outsourcing companies that offer BPO, KPO and ITO and Research & Development.
  • Solid, established and a growing domestic financial sector.
  • Opportunities for the creation of Shared Services for the region.
  • Colombia offers a wide range of industries that require a high component of outsourced services such as oil and gas, manufacturing, financial sector, infrastructure, energy, agribusiness and medical.
  • Colombia as a Services Hub for its privileged location and time zone.

Success Stories

  • Genpact (India): Established a value-added BPO "Delivery Center" specialized in Finance and Accounting.
  • AIG (USA): Created a Shared Services Center between AIG and Chartis to service the claims process and policy consolidation in Latam.  
  • Arvato (Spain): Established a Spanish-speaking Call Center to service their technological customer in Spain.  
  • HP (USA): Shared Services Center for its global customer service (Call center, Back office, among others) 2010.
  • SAP (Germany): Regional Sales Center in Spanish. 2010 (Value Added BPO).

These companies were supported by PROCOLOMBIA Colombia.

Advisers of Contact for Regions:

Andrés Vargas - United States, Canada and Mexico

Paula González - Latin America and Spain

Camilo Osuna - Asia and Oceania.

Catalina Parra - Europe (Spain not included)

In PROCOLOMBIA we attend to companies, legal persons and national entities and foreigners who are interested in the direct investment in Colombia.

For the nature of our activities, we do not attend to requirements of investment of natural persons.

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