Investment in BPO (Outsourcing of Services)

Investment in Outsourcing of Services BPO

In 2016, Gartner – the research and consulting firm – ratified Colombia as one of the best countries for setting up offshoring operations within the emergent countries TIER 1, thanks to its positive economic scenario, along with its free trade zones regime and VAT exemptions on export services.

These factors illustrate to foreign investors about the investment opportunities that are available in Colombia in regards to the BPO sector, offshore, nearshore, KPO and shared services in this growth market that has an abundant competitive workforce and a strategic location to provide regional and global services.

  • The National BPO association estimates that in 2015, the outsourcing sector sold US$ 1.9 billion and created 189.000 jobs.
  • According to the latest study by the Productive Transformation Program (PTP), the outsourcing sector can increase its sales between 2.9% and 9.5% in the next three years.
  • During 2015, call center Spanish services represented 62.41% of the outsourcing sector revenues followed by telemarketing and collections & billing.
  • According to the Ministry of Education, in the last 14 years Colombia had 2.9 million of graduates. 53.8% had tertiary education, 18.8% had technician or technological education, and 19.2% had postgraduate education.
  • Through the Productive Transformation Program, the Government has designed a plan to strengthen the industry by providing an emphasis on high value-added activities through human capital development, conducting business matchmaking forums and acquiring sectorial studies that can help in the development of strategies.
  • The National Learning Service (SENA) is the government institution in charge of technical training to every citizen; it provides free education in technical and skills related to the industry that is in demand where software and services are relevant areas of the training curriculum.


These are just some of the reasons to invest in business process outsourcing. We invite you to learn additional details about Colombia and why it is the perfect destination for your projects.

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Investment Opportunities

  • The financial sector is seeking to expand its services throughout the country and to increase the number of current clients, from 22.3 million with a financial product representing 71% of adult Colombians. There is still a high potential for demand for outsourcing services by the sector concentrated in data processing, finance and accounting and client services.
  • Multi-Latin American companies in the energy, banking, agro-industry, insurance, and technology sectors, among others, are entering a larger number of international markets, particularly in Latin America and the United States. For the purpose of focusing on its core business, this company profile is making it necessary to outsource their data processing, payroll, logistics and customer service operations.
  • Due to the increasing need to treat patients remotely, large as well as small medical institutions are seeking companies with experience in telemedicine services.
  • The gas and petroleum sectors continue to demand more outsourced services related to payroll payment, financial and accounting processing in order to focus their efforts on the core business of organizations.
  • Installing basic BPO centers in regions with high unemployment and displacement rates, in order to impact their communities through formal work with decent wages.

Success Stories

  • Accedo (Nicaragua): An investment of US$ 3 million, focus on a bilingual operation in Pereira, with almost 450 jobs. 
  • Genpact (India): Established a value-added BPO "Delivery Center" specialized in Finance and Accounting.
  • AIG (Estados Unidos): Created a Shared Services Center between AIG and Chartis to service the claims process and policy consolidation in Latam.
  • Teleperformance (Francia): after a US$ 12 million investment in his Project Europe Campus in Bogota, Teleperformance established its new campus in Medellin where the companies will attend USA and Spain markets.
  • Sutherland (India): Since 2010 Sutherland chose Colombia as one of its biggest hubs in the region. Currently, Sutherland operates in Barranquilla and Bogota where the company offers contact center services in Spanish, English and Portuguese. In 2018, they expect to increase their positions from 1.200 up to 4.000.

These companies were supported by PROCOLOMBIA Colombia.

Advisers of Contact for Regions:

  • Maria Paula Forero: South America and Asia
  • Andrea Castañeda: Europe, Mexico, Central America and Caribbean.
  • Andrés Vargas: United States and Canada
  • María Paula Gómez: Shared services - Worldwide


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